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20 ianuarie 2020 | 19:30 - 21:00


Although I keep calling these classes Yogilates, I can see more and more that Yoga of Presence would be a better name for them. It is not so much the words or the ideas that make a practice or a teaching, but the emphasis – or, in other words, what is it that becomes of real importance, what is its prominent feature, to what is given the most value. And the answer to all these questions is Presence. The gym, the exercises that we do in the classes are all done as an excuse for Presence. Not Presence as something that is separated from life or myself, but Presence as the very essence of life and myself.

At the very root of all of our needs, large and small, lies our search for contentment, peace, well-being and fulfillment, and most of us look for these in things, in people, in professions, in health, in relationships. And of course, all these things have their place and importance, but not as the answer to those deepest needs. To me – and this is precisely what sits at the heart of the classes – the answer lies in the recognition of Presence as the essence of ourselves and the world. And it is precisely in that recognition where the contentment and peace and real well-being exist.

Without this recognition, what is left is the unsatisfying, uninterrupted and, in the end, frustrating search for the ups and the avoidance of the downs.

If what you are looking for is only a good workout or to relax a bit, then these classes are not for you. But if you are interested in going deeper into the recognition of what is truly important in our lives, then I really looking forward to seeing you in class.


Schedule at Hermitage:
Every Monday and Thursday, 19:30 – 21:00

Participation fee:
5 Classes, valid for 5 weeks = 200 ron
10 Classes, valid for 10 weeks = 350 ron
1 drop in class = 50 ron


The classes are held in English.
If you come for the first time, please take the time and read this on Carlos website: http://bit.do/fow8k

Registrations: [email protected]


About Carlos L’Abbate www.yogaofpresence.com
Born in Argentina, Carlos L’Abbate was a primary school teacher in his early twenties, and dedicated the better part of his youth to working with homeless children and older people. These experiences brought about many questions about our relationship to life and death, about the meaning of life and the truth of our existence. In 1989, he left Buenos Aires and began to search for new understandings and responses to these questions. He traveled extensively and during this period, Carlos followed several spiritual paths as well as studied numerous techniques (in formal and informal contexts) connected to the body and mind, in addition to learning the fundaments to art and philosophy, psychology and health. This combined knowledge and experience makes Carlos’s work a really special and unique practice, one that can take a person to the recognition of his/her interconnectedness with all that is. He’s the author of the book called “About presence – a journey into ourselves” available in English and Romanian.