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30 noiembrie 2019 | 10:00 - 16:30

The Liberated Voice Workshop (7th Edition)

Your voice reflects who you are. And, through your voice, you can gain the energy, strength and confidence to express your true self and enjoy life. We invite you to join this transformational two-days workshop – a dynamic and playful self-discovering experience. We will explore our voices as a tool for personal development, self trust, freedom and joyfulness. Let’s allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable to this inner and outer journey.

This is the 7th edition of The Liberated Voice workshop in Bucharest. 207 people gathered around this experience until now.

You don’t have to be a professional singer to join. Participants from past editions come from all sorts of backgrounds. They are teachers, coaches, team leaders, youth workers, trainers and facilitators, actors, singers, public speakers, marketing professionals and… parents.

Essentially, they are people willing to better know themselves, to learn, to develop their creative energy and to enjoy genuine human connection. Notably, they have an openness towards doing all these with the support of their voice, even if they might have never used it this way. Even if they might have never sang before.

“The Liberated Voice” is a unique method developed by Swedish facilitator Kefas A Kefas in decades of work with hundreds of people as a facilitator of voice workshops, choir leader, acting teacher and in his therapeutic 1 on 1 sessions. Whether you use your voice to relate with people, your partners, colleagues, friends and loved ones, or you constantly rely on your voice in your work, a lively partnership with it will enrich your life.

The voice is your life-long companion. It stays with you your entire life. In this way, it can be a trustful partner, a playmate, or an unexplored part of yourself. This is the aim of the workshop: to help you befriend with your voice. And for it to happen – as with all changes in life – it will get you out of your comfort zone, yet in a gentle way, within a journey about exploration, expression and self acceptance.

Join in and discover your empowered personal voice that will become your new and beloved playmate!

DAY 1 | SATURDAY, Nov. 30 ► The singing that liberates
DAY 2 | SUNDAY, Dec. 1 ► The healing voice

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