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29 noiembrie 2019 | 19:30 - 21:30

The Liberated Voice, special evening session

INTRO | The joy of singing – The Friday evening special session can be:
1. The start of your voice journey, getting a sense of how it can bring you joyfulness and wellbeing. Or…

2. A juicy bite of the whole workshop for those who never tried it before and just wanna give it a try. Or…

3. An intense warm-up and an undoubtedly useful introduction to the workshop, that can help you to get ready for the weekend.

Participare: 110 ron

Inscrieri: http://www.theliberatedvoice.ro/?fbclid=IwAR3xZx2ROQ1NIkyD5E1WBAZW88bdW1iyiE4MDIK3kOAqvB0C4JqPQ4OrsmM

Paul Dumitru
Phone: +40 749 159 051
Email: [email protected]