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4 septembrie 2019 | 19:00 - 21:30

The KEY of Prosperity

Sumeia Ananda

Transform your experience of abundance and prosperity with the power of the ritual science. In a world like we live in, where poverty, injustice, competition, chaos and suffering, we can remember where the Key to prosperity lies.

Prosperity is an energy always available and flowing that vibrates with the information of what is alive and moving naturally and effortlessly. Prosperity also arises from the depths of the BEING and is in everything that has rhythm and movement such as the rhythm of breathing, the rhythm of the heart, the rhythm of day and night.

And although it dances throughout the universe, our conditioning, programs, emotions and limiting beliefs prevent us from taking it and it seems that we no longer know how to access it.

Through this Workshop you will have access to ancestral practices that will connect parts of your Being that are disabled and so that you can access prosperity as your NATURAL state.

– You will access symbolic practices that will allow you to modify your unconscious limiting programming.

– You will understand the language of the different levels of consciousness that affect your relationship with abundance.

– You will reconnect with the infinite store of abundance that dwells within you.

– You will enter into the natural frequency of Joy, Trust, Deserving, to Prosper in union with the whole.

The Key of Prosperity will be hosted by Hermitage and SUMEIA ANANDA (Columbia) as a facilitator. She is a Coach of Human Transformation, Transpersonal Psichologist, Holistic Therapist, Master of Yoga and Meditation, Moon Dancer and Drummer in the Mexica Tradition (since 2011), Medicine Woman with 20 years of experience in shaping the inner wisdom and human consciousness expansion. Sumeia offers therapies and holistic methods to harmonising the life experience and integrating mind, body and spirit. Her therapeutical activity is based on direct contact with various medicines and spirituality of native people of America: Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brasil, America and Mexico.

Reciprocal value:
120 Ron per session (every Wednesday in Hermitage)
360 Ron for the 4 sessions (4,11, 18,25 September)

Book in advance, only 12 places available.
Sms 0723266323 or
WhatsApp +573206667768