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11 aprilie 2020 | 10:00 - 18:30

ANULAT Tantra Meditation workshop for couples: Living Intimacy

“Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soul mates. And that is the grandeur of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates.”- Osho

To explore intimacy takes courage and trust. We invite you to explore intimacy together, to let Intimacy surprise us, to let it be a tool of personal growth and transformation.

The path of intimacy with the other is a very courageous way that confronts you with all your fears, insecurities, emotions and forgotten corners. It challenges you constantly to be true.
When we are really intimate with another we start to be more intimate with ourselves. The other is a door towards ourselves. A mirror, a friend on the path.
When we tap into intimacy together we start growing into Love. When we grow into Love, intimacy happens as a never ending love affair.

This workshop is for anyone willing to rediscover intimacy as a doorway towards a deeper connection with oneself and with life. For friends and lovers longing to live intimacy according to their truth and integrity. For couples interested to incorporate in their life tantra meditations which support to live their intimacy and sexuality with awareness and meditation, joy and gratitude.
This experience will also give you keys to bring meditation practice, love and awareness into sex. Through this you’ll become less focused on outcome and less performing. There is more being in the moment, being in the flow and thus a sense of trust and joy emerges.

Tantra is a big YES to life, an invitation to be in the moment, to be open.

When personal truth and integrity is more important than keeping a relation we start living in Intimacy with ourselves, with our heart. Intimacy with ourselves comes first, intimacy with others comes next and this leads us into experiencing intimacy with all that is.

To support and to go deep in the inquiry the way you live your intimacy we will be using:
* Meditation – Individual and couples meditations (that Osho has indicated to be supportive for couples)
* Tantric Meditations & Rituals for couples inspired from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
* Tantric Breathing Exercises
* Techniques to awaken the Body & Senses
* Dance & Movement Awareness
* Silence and Stillness
* Expressing Feelings Vs Emotions
* Communication: the art of presence and listening
* Personal inquiry and sharing

‘We have been living Tantra, Meditation and Intimacy together for 16 years. This workshop is based in our direct experience and practice of weaving tantra and meditation practices into living intimacy as a way of supporting each other to blossom, learning together to be present to each other moment by moment. In this workshop we will share tantric meditations and rituals we have been practicing together in the last 16 years of living Intimacy together.’- Kiran & Jivan work: facebook.com/KiranandJivan

Your investment: 680 lei/ pers
Bookings: [email protected], +40 728 775 498 (Kiran)

*Places limited to 20 couples. Registrations are open till April 2nd and become valid after the payment is done. You will receive payment details by email upon registration.

*Registration is done in couples and is opened to lovers and friends. If you are not in a relation now but you want to give yourself this experience, you are very welcome to register together with a friend with whom you feel to explore different meditations and practices that will support you to enjoy intimacy more.

Join us for a playful, loving and meditative weekend where you explore and nourish the way you relate with yourself and with the other(s) – your old life partner, your new relation or just the friend you choose to participate with through this TantraMeditation weekend.

~Revive your Intimacy, Revive your way of relating, Revive your Sex, Revive your Life~