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9 decembrie 2019 | 09:00 - 10:00

Self Hypnosis for Meditation & Relaxation 7 days

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation is a guided trance process in which you learn how to relax into self-hypnosis. In these 7 days practice course you learn to relax yourself with the practice of self-hypnosis. With that you learn a skill that you can always use in all kinds of areas of your life. That way you can let the tensions that you build up in your work or private life flow away. You can improve your health with it, but also your love relationship or friendships. It can help you be more creative and live more joyfully.

Self-hypnosis is also a powerful tool for meditation, so that you can go deeper into silence and awareness.

If you find that your mind goes crazy the moment you sit down to meditate this will show you how to get to a space where a cool, detached watching is possible.

Learn how to use the mind to harness the power of the unconscious – to enhance healing, increase creativity and bring a greater sense of relaxation and playfulness into your life.

“Self-hypnosis should be in the service of meditation; that is the most important use of it. But it can also promote health and a long life, it can be at the service of love and kindness and of courage. Self-hypnosis can help you with anything you want. It can take away your fears of the unknown and your fear of death; it can help you to be alone, quiet, peaceful. It can enable you to always let an undercurrent of meditation flow through you 24 hours a day. ” – Osho

JIVAN was born in Portugal in 1960. He studied International Economy, worked as an entrepreneur, manager and as business and human resources consultant for international companies for many years.  A meditator for more then 30 years, Jivan explored and lived different aspects of life. His passion for a conscious life took him to unexpected (inner and outer) lands, paths and life teachers, travelling, studying and exploring meditation, Tantra, awareness through movement, breathwork, bioenergetics, experiential therapy and shamanic journeys.  Together with Kiran, his partner, he is based in Romania, organizing and leading self development and personal growth workshops and retreats since 2006. Passionate to live and share life with a brave heart, with courage and integrity, in his sessions and workshops Jivan shares his life experience and knowledge, his passion for a conscious life lived with honesty, love and gratitude.

*The workshop will be held in English (with Romanian translation if necessary).
*7 morning sessions, daily from 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

Location: Hermitage. urban spiritual hub, Mihai Eminescu 127, Bucharest

Your investment:
• 7 days (7 sessions): 310 lei
• 1 session only: 50 lei
• 210 lei for the ones who also join the 7 days practice of OSHO Dynamic Meditation, 07.00- 08.30 (same days)
***OSHO Dynamic Meditation event page:

*It includes: participation, materials used during the workshop, organic tea selection & biscuits which will be offered at the end

Bookings: [email protected], Tel/ Whatsapp +40 728 775 498 (Kiran)

*Places limited to 30 participants.
*Bookings are valid after payment. You will receive payment details via email.
*Registrations are done till December 6th.

Kiran & Jivan FB page: