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31 decembrie 2019 | 18:00 - 19:30

Samasati, New Year’s Eve Meditation for Self Renewal

We invite you to join a special New Year’s Eve meditation for Self Renewal, Liberation and Gratitude. The end of the year is many times a moment to do balances of what we have been doing, how do we feel about our life, etc. It is also a moment to ‘evaluate’ our year cycle.

Samasati meditation is an opportunity to say goodbye to the old and to receive the new. Every moment is an opportunity to let go and to have a new beginning.

Samasati means awareness or consciousness. Buddha called it right mindfulness, Krishnamurti defined it as choiceless awareness, Gurdjieff spoke about it as self-remembering and Osho explained it as witnessing. Samasati is the last word Buddha said before dying.

The goal of this meditation is to practice the art of witnessing rather than reacting to situations and circumstances. Being aware and grateful to life, we can remember that since we are alive, we must not take our life for granted.

Kiran (Romania) & Jivan (Portugal) live meditation as a way of getting more grounded, real, present, aware, diving deeper into the infinite mystery of life. In the last 13 years they have been exploring and deepening together the tantra and meditation path, body oriented experiential therapy (breathwork, bioenergetics, emotional release), neo-shamanic rituals. Based on their own path, life experience, training and values, Kiran & Jivan are leading personal growth workshops on living consciously, inviting and inspiring participants to bring qualities like awareness, joy, gratitude, love and presence in day to day life, rediscovering and honoring their being, their uniqueness, their soul, their journey through life.Currently they live and teach in Romania and also travel around, sharing their way of being and living with the support of Meditation, Tantra, Shamanic rituals and other methods balancing body-mind-emotions. FB oficial page: https://www.facebook.com/KiranandJivan/

Jivan and Kiran will guide you with dedication, joy and sensitivity through the stages of this profound social meditation created by Veeresh, founder of Humaniversity Institute in Holland.

Contribution: 70 lei
*Organic tea selection, water and healthy snacks are offered after the meditation.
Bookings: [email protected]
*Limited places! Registrations are valid after payment is done. You will receive payment details by e-mail*

“For me Samasati means ‘You are from the very beginning a Buddha, you are a Buddha now and you will always be a Buddha- remember this!’”- Veeresh