Feminine Wisdom Circle with Sumeia Ananda

Feminine Wisdom Circle with Sumeia Ananda

Dear and beloved women, we are inviting you to celebrate our Feminine Wisdom this Friday at Hermitage, it will be the last one this season offered by Sumeia Ananda, a good chance to see her for the last time before her departure to Mexico, if you haven't participated before you are more than welcome to meet her! 

Many women used to do this kind of gatherings since ancient times, to deepen their connection with themselves, with each other, with the body, their own powers, the Goddess Energy, the Mother Earth, supporting each other and sharing innocence and creative expression, giving and receiving nourishment!

In the Feminine Wisdom Circle we will experience several practices to create a the deep reconnection with our womb, heart and intuitive mind, awaking our sacred sexuality energy. Sumeia Ananda is inviting you all to this open and immersive environment where to share captivating inspiring talks, meditation, breathing work, medicine music, dance, gifts, clear guidance and many more...

The Feminine Wisdom Circle will be hosted by Hermitage and SUMEIA ANANDA (Columbia) as a facilitator. She is a Coach of Human Transformation, Transpersonal Psichologist, Holistic Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator, Master of Yoga and Meditation, with 18 years of experience in shaping the inner wisdom and human consciousness expansion. Sumeia offers individual and group therapies and holistic methods to harmonising the life experience and integrating mind, body and spirit. Her therapeutical activity is based on many years of direct contact with various natural medicines and spirituality of native people of America: Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brasil, Cuba, America and Mexico. She is a Medicine Women, Moon Dancer for more than 9 years, daugther, mother and sister of hundreds of Women who are inspired by her workshops in South América and México. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SumeiaAnanda1/

Instagram: sumeiaanandaheart

For women only! 

Kids friendly event

Donation, contribution: 30 lei 

Reservations at 0723266323 (by sms with a name and number of participants)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sumeiaananda1

Instagram: sumeiaanandaheart

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