Sexuality Awareness ~ OSHO Humaniversity workshop with Chandrika

Sexuality Awareness ~ OSHO Humaniversity workshop with Chandrika

We are happy to invite you for this Humaniversity experiential workshop with Chandrika in Romania!

Chandrika will guide and support you to increase your sexual awareness and your capacity to feel pleasure and intimacy. 

Bodywork will help you to get more in touch with your physical body, to feel the tensions stored, to let go of them and relax. By exploring new areas of sensitivity, you will gently open up and have the courage to feel yourself and others innocently. 

By sharing your experiences, you will learn from others hearing about their findings, and become able to support and help each other. Emotional release gives you the chance to let go of painful old wounds and fears and enables you to state your needs for nourishment and compassionate touch. 

Awareness will be the guiding light to more consciousness and love will show you the way on your inner journey.

Finally, it comes down to accepting yourself, your body, mind and spirit and to share it with your friends.

Sex is a beautiful gift from nature. It enables us to give and receive pleasure and to create life. Social pressure and conditioning can create confusion and restriction in our sexuality. 

This workshop will reassure you that sex is an exciting and healthy part of your life.

*workshop opened for everyone interested in personal development, transformation, love and awareness 

About Chandrika

She has lived at the Humaniversity since 1985. Chandrika is an Executive Director, trains Humaniversity Therapists and leads workshops in Humaniversity Therapy, specializing in primal and parental issues as well as group dynamics. She also leads the AUM Meditation Leader Training, Social Meditation Leader Training and the New Sexuality Training. 

Her special passion is to lead twice a year the Tan-Ju program, which provides emotional and social education for teenagers and introduces them to the world of meditation.

After graduating with a Masters degree in psychology she worked as a school psychologist in Switzerland. Chandrika undertook intensive studies in therapy and eastern wisdom with Veeresh D. Yuson, Bert Hellinger, Dan Casriel, Leonard Orr, Michael Barnett, Alain Lowen amongst others.

She got initiated by Osho in 1976 and pursued meditation practice since then. In 1978 she founded and ran a large Osho center in Switzerland. 

‘Living at the Humaniversity means I have opportunities to work on many different levels, for example leading workshops and trainings, supervising my students, giving individual sessions, making the study plans, organising in the community, overviewing the computer department and administration. I love to be able to use all my different talents and work together with friends who are also excited to share what they have.’ – Chandrika

Workshop schedule: 

Friday, Oct 5th: 06.00- 09.00 pm 

Saturday, Oct 6th: 10.00 am- 07.00 pm 

Sunday, Oct 7th: 10.00 am- 06.00 pm 

Your Investment: 


? AFTER AUGUST 14TH: 230 Eur 

Includes: participation to the full workshop, materials used during the workshop, tea breaks (organic teas & healthy snacks)

The workshop is in English language with Romanian translation. 

•This is a non-residential workshop. At request, we can suggest accommodation options near the location. 

•Each participant is invited to bring their lunch box. There is also the possibility to buy it from a good near by super market. 

Bookings:, +40 728 775 498 

*Places limited to 40 participants.*

*Registrations are opened till September 28th! 

Registrations are valid after payment. You will receive payment details by e-mail.

Let’s explore and dive into our sexuality with love and awareness! 

"I want to show you that sex is not a problem but one of the greatest yippies in your life." Chandrika


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