Mystic Concert 'The Soul's Journey'

Mystic Concert 'The Soul's Journey'

What is the audience expressing about this concert: “this is an experience of which I am afraid to speak so that I don’t leave space for interpretations, you must live it to believe it, it is a mixture of moods and sensations" or "a journey through the music of the soul, created by magnificent guides, that are with you on every moment, in every thought and emotion. "

In other words Mystic Concert 'The Soul's Journey' invites the audience to experience strong individual and collective knowledge about faith, love, it is an initiation journey where the music meets your soul.

You can have feelings never imagined, this personal journey begins from the entrance hall, it’s a multisensorial experience, a sound landscape that is driven by improvisation, sounds, words.

The moments of this show are surprising with the force, the scenery, the costumes, the bursts of stimulating music and overwhelming trance of rhythm, Mystic Concert 'The Soul's Journey' can be exciting and visceral, interactive, each experience is unique and created by the participation of all the people that are here.

We will live a journey through sounds of wind instruments (saxophones, flutes, kaval, duduk, percussions (drums, didjeridu, calimbas) mantras and natural sounds of earth, water, wind and fire, honoring the circle of life so that our Soul returns home, no doubt a mystical experience to arrange with our magic and inner poetry.

CATALIN MILEA is a Romanian composer and wind instrument player, bringing his magic through his saxophone, kaval (Turkey), duduk (Armenia) , bas clarinet and other instruments along with the energy of his recent experiences in Mexico (riviera Maya) & Columbia, as a sculptor in sounds. 

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Along with him, percussionist ORLANDO PETRICEANU will also offer his inspiration, a spectacular visual and sonic presence by handling a multitude of instruments from all around the world, Asia, Africa, Australia, America and Europe.

The concert will begin at 20 h, we appreciate if you arrive early to have plenty of time to accomodate with the space. 

Address: Str. Mihai Eminescu 127, Hermitage. urban spiritual hub.

Contribution, donation : 60 ron 

? RESERVATIONS: 0723266323 (call or sms)

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