Transformare prin Psihomagie | Sesiunea 3

Transformare prin Psihomagie | Sesiunea 3

SUMEIA ANANDA (Columbia) is human transformation coach, transpersonal psychologist, holistic therapist, family constellation facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, having 20-year experience in shaping inner wisdom and the expansion of human consciousness. Sumeia offers holistic therapies and methods for harmonizing life experience and integrating body, mind, emotion and spirit. Her therapeutic activity is based on direct contact with the various medical and spiritual practices of native peoples of America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, North America and Mexico a journey under the 'El Centro del Corazon' project 2008 (The Center of the Heart) designed to help us find the inner guide using combined music - meditation - yoga - dance techniques that reprogram, transform and empower our being. Sumeia Ananda is now on tour in Romania to share all this experience as a therapist in group or individual meetings.


Transformation through Psychomagic - Session 3


What is Psychomagic?


We know that psychology gives us much information about the mind and human behavior, mental functions and processes, inner and subjective experiences, thoughts, emotions, consciousness, motivation, perception, and personality. However, the conscious level represents only 10% of the influence it can have in our lives, most decisions, sensations in the body, perception of life is governed by the subconscious, an area to which we have no direct and rational access.


"Psychomagic" is a practical way, magic with our mind, through which we can access subconscious language and learn how to use it for our benefit. Through psychomagic gestures we can create the desired experiences, modeling our being into a unity and harmony in which these two dimensions can communicate: conscious-subconscious.


As a result of your experiences, the intense connection to feelings, sensations, thoughts, memory, and everything that shapes your being through Sumeia Ananda' sessions of Transformation through Psychomagic , you will be able to reactivate the power of the three transforming elements so present in our existence: Word, Experience and Ritual, a strong constellation that can give a new form to your reality.


You are the one who creates your own reality, experiences it every day, invests it with the power to develop into something beneficial or not. It depends only on you. You are the magician and the alchemist of every experience you live in.


The sessions of 'Transformation through Psychomagic' with Sumeia Ananda will teach you to:


???? Practice psychomagic techniques in everyday life.


???? Redirect the energy of your attention and your own magic to focus it in the most beneficial sense of your development.


???? Prove the power of your intention and the relationship you have with everything that surrounds you.


???? Manifest the power of the present and of the symbolic representation in creating rituals that will transform your thoughts, feelings, limiting situations, false perceptions, expectations, in a word, will change your way of seeing and living your life.


SUMEIA ANANDA offers workshops and conferences whose themes are balanced life, personal development, psychology, yoga for the little ones, human transformation, psychology, holistic therapy, family constellations. They can also take place in the form of discussion sessions in which those present are invited to participate. Workshops or conferences can inspire both those interested and passionate about these topics but also those who want to integrate other disciplines in their way of life both professionally and personally.


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'Transformation through Psyhomagic' is a series of sessions that will take place every Tuesday at the Hermitage July 3d, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, each representing a new level of experience. We recommend attending all the sessions to get this experience in-depth and to be able to assimilate organically and pemanentize psychomagic techniques to create a new dimension in your life.


Registrations and reservations can be made by sms at 0723266323, mentioning the name and number of participants.


Contribution for:

1 session: 60 lei / pers

2 sessions: 110 lei / pers

3 sessions: 150 lei / pers

4 sessions: 190 lei / pers

5 sessions: 230 lei / pers


See you on July 17 at the Hermitage at the 'Transformation through Psyhomagic' with Sumeia Ananda.


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