The Elements of Healing the Inner Feminine with Grandmother Arapata & Grandmother Moetu

The Elements of Healing the Inner Feminine with Grandmother Arapata & Grandmother Moetu

Are you ready to heal your inner Feminine Divine?  To connect with your Wise Woman?  Of repeating the same problems again and again?  

Then we invite you to take a different road.  Come join Grandmother Moetu (Maori, New Zealand) and Grandmother Arapata (Maori and Samoan, Samoa) in October 2018, for a journey back to the beauty, grace and wisdom of the Feminine.


Grandmother Moetu (Maori, New Zealand) understands the importance of facing old abusive stories still haunting women's lives. Grandmother lovingly guides you through the 'fire' to allow you to cleanse these deep wounds.  Her strength and wisdom empowers you release and ground strongly on Papatuanuku (Mother Earth). With her 'no nonsense' attitude you will begin to understand the 'courage' that lies within you to create 'change'. More details about Grandmother Moetu and her work:

Grandmother Arapata (Maori, New Zealand and Samoan, Samoa) then uses the element of Air, to teach you how to stay connected to your truths and remain present in your life. Guiding you gently to understand the power you now hold in your femininity as a divine Wise Woman. Grandmother helps you embrace and rejuvenate the waters within you and those that surround you. More details about Grandmother Arapata and her work:


What YOU can expect:

• Straight, honest talk

• Loving support throughout your processes

• Needed tools and skills to help on your journey

• Deeper understanding of your feminine divine 'Wise Women'

What WE expect:

• Those who are truly 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'

• A willingness to work deeply on yourself

• An open heart and questioning mind



October 26 – 28, 2018

Friday + Saturday + Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00 (with lunch break).

The event will be held in English, with Romanian translation.



Early bird registration until August 31: 1300 ron

Price after August 31: 1800 ron

The number of places for the seminar is limited. Your registration is valid after you make the payment.


To register please send an email to:

For more information call at Hermitage:  0731 770 860 (Claudia Damoc)


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