No Solution in Samsara - or Who am I, Really?

No Solution in Samsara - or Who am I, Really?

Samsara is defined as the cycle of life and death to which we are bound in this material world. Or, in another words, Samsara is simply the world we see and touch and experience with our senses. Saying that there is no solution in it means that what we want most out of our lives – peace and happiness – cannot be found in it. But where can this peace and happiness be found? In ourself, in the recognition of our own self as the awareness aware of Samsara. In the awareness aware of the world, the body and the mind.

The event I have named “No Solution in Samsara”, that will take place On Wednesday 16th, will not be a ‘pep talk’, an evening that will make you feel more relaxed and positive and energetic (although this may happen). I see it as an opportunity to regain a true vision of what and who we really are. And as such, it will be a psychologically and intellectually demanding talk, one that will question many of our long held beliefs and opinions about ourselves and the world. But also, if understood, it will be the best news one will ever receive.

The knowledge presented will be like an introduction to the Upanishads, the ancient texts containing some of the central philosophical teachings and ideas from India (but I will not be using the Upanishads directly).

Here are some quotes from the Upanishads: “The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”

“That which makes the tongue speak but cannot be spoken by the tongue, know that as the Self. This Self is not someone other than you. That which makes the mind think but cannot be thought by the mind, that is the Self indeed. This Self is not someone other than you.”

“He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, he never suffers; because when he sees all creatures within his true Self, then jealousy, grief and hatred vanish.”

“The father said to his son Shvetaketu, ‘Place this salt in water and bring it here tomorrow morning’.

The boy did.

‘Where is that salt?’ his father asked?

‘I do not see it’, said the boy.

‘Sip here. How does it taste?’

‘Salty, father.

‘And here? And there?’

‘I taste salt everywhere.’

‘It is everywhere, though we see it not. Just so, dear one, the Self is everywhere, within all things, although we see it not. There is nothing that does not come from it. It is the truth; it is the Self supreme. You are that, Shvetaketu.’”

“There is no joy in the finite; there is joy only in the Infinite.”

If you think that these may interest you, I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening in Hermitage.

The event is free. Donations are welcomed.


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