Yin Balancing with Satto

Yin Balancing with Satto

Ready for more balance and less stress? A healing journey awaits you on May 30th. Through the lens of different meridians in our body, we’ll travel inside to bust through your blocks and open your body and mind to the intuitive healing it needs. If you’re ready to become the happiest and healthiest version of you, grab your spot now at deva.satto@icloud.com. I can’t wait to see your smiling face after this journey. Until then, much love and Sat Nam.

Yin-balancing is a 2h30min class containing an opening meditation that prepares the body and an Yin Yoga Class that work with different meridians during each class: heart&small intestins, leaver&gall bladder, kidneys&urinary bladder, spleen&stomach.

The intention of every Class is to explore Yin elements in our body and mind, so they become more present in our life. This can benefit all of us whose life has gone out of balance, presenting too many characteristics of the Yang element, such as stress, dynamism, motivation, concentration, competition etc.

About Yin & Yin Yoga
Our life style shows that we do not tend to seek balance, but rather we seek extremes: we tend to exercise too much or too little, work too much, eat too much or too little, because we rarely reflect on the balance in our lives. Being balanced is not a highly valued virtue in our society, although most people would agree that is good for them to be balanced. In practice, however, it is often only when our bodies start to malfunction that we realize that our behaviours have been unbalanced (we get injuries, insomnia, headaches, acidity from a physical practice that is too competitive and only because of an injury we decide to break our practice and possibly search for less competitive alternatives. It's only when we get sick and burned out when we decide to take holidays from work.

When we practice Yin Yoga, we actually practice the art of letting go. Yin is to enjoy a shape that is authentic, without forcing your body to change. It is to relax into the bones; to be still and kind. To give up holding on.

A regular practice of Yin Yoga will certainly release muscular pain. But it accesses a deeper level than the more dynamic, “Yang” styles of yoga. Yin Yoga works the connective tissues of our ligaments, joints, and bones. It accesses the deep fascial networks that run through every element of our body. This is a continuous connective tissue that exists from head to toe, so that a restriction in one part will affect every other part, and fascia is where our trauma is stored. Physical tension is the manifestation of emotional trauma. Our biography is our biology and fascia stores all pain from the landscape of our lives. Just as a broken bone creates scar tissue, emotional trauma is also ingrained in the history of our body. This is why emotions like anxiety, anger or grief are felt at specific physical locations. And even after the situation has passed our bodies hold onto the memories, until we let them go.

In this way Yin Yoga creates a space to surrender inhibiting mind patterns. As the fascia is released so are the psychological traumas it contains. This is why certain poses can bring a surge of emotion as stored energies are unblocked and let go. And without those thought patterns, we can discover the core of who we are. And then we will no longer need to cling to the out-dated possessions, people or mind.

Because right there on that mat, in the stillness and peace, we will remember that we are enough. We will always be enough. Trust yourself. You are more complete than you know. Within you is a power beyond your wildest dreams. And your true nature is unconditionally happy and at peace. Perhaps you forgot this. But don’t worry, Yin Yoga will help you to recall. Come to explore your Yin elements and make them more present in your life. Come and enjoy the beautiful location of the Studio, away from the city noise, in the heart of nature. Let yourself immerse in a totally different experience.

About Myofascial Energetic Release 
What is Myofascia?
Myofascial comes from the Latin words "myo" for muscle and "fascia" for band. The fascia is a thick elastic connective tissue in and about the muscles, bones, blood vessels and nerves of your body. The fascia spreads throughout the body in a 3-dimensional web which travels head-to-toe uninterrupted and acts as a shock absorber in the body.

What is Myofascial Restriction or Tension?
In healthy condition, the fascia is relaxed and wavy in configuration with the ability to stretch and move without restriction. Physical trauma, scarring, stress, repetitive micro trauma, poor posture or inflammation cause the fascia to lose its pliability and this causes restriction and tension to the rest of the body. This myofascial restriction or tension does not show on any of the standard tests done today such as MRI, CAT Scan, EMG, X-Ray, etc. This myofascial restriction or tension is the underlying cause of most chronic pain problems that have not responded to traditional medical or surgical intervention.

What are Some of the Problems Associated with Myofascial Restriction?
Chronic Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Back Pain, Post Surgery Issues, Fibromyalgia, TMJ Problems, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Scar Tissue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Menstrual Problems, Migraines, Scoliosis, Post Chemotherapy Issues
What can I expect from Myofascial Release Therapy?
A customized hands-on session of gentle, therapeutic body work during which the fascia is manipulated and stretched to relieve the restrictions and tension. This therapy is an art form and the therapist performing Myofascial Release can actually feel the body respond to the treatment and can ease any restrictions that they feel. Often, the body will indicate another point for treatment as that other point is an underlying cause of the restriction and thus, pain. Myofascial release has helped many people overcome long term (5-20 years) chronic pain problems even after they have been told that they have to live with it, that it is "in their head", or "that there is nothing that can be done for them". Myofascial Release has helped many people improve their ability to function during various activities such as sitting, walking, standing, driving, household chores, computer work, lifting, bending, reaching, gardening, athletics, work, and leisure activities.

About Satto
At age 33, after spending my entire professional life with big IT corporations, I was the General Manager of a multinational company started up by me from scratch. It quickly became one of the most successful business in IT industry in Romania and 2 years later picked to 9 mil EUR revenue, breaking even after 18 months of operations.
I was married and had a 7 years old son.
And I was completely miserable...
I was dead inside. I could not really laugh. Or cry. I couldn't feel my life.
In summer 2014 I experienced an emotional melt down on a beach on the Black See coast. My entirely being was heavily shake in deep tears as the pain I had buried so long beneath the mask of the achiever ruptured like an earthquake from my core. I couldn't go back to my old life, but had no idea where else to go.
I felt lost. I had no idea who I was anymore.
Over the next years I started to deep dive into myself and looking for the connection with my life, with myself. I lost more then 30kg in this journey. I changed my approach to friendship and personal relations. I naturally went from a sedentary lifestyle to an active amateur triathlete.

I finished the Tantralife (www.tantralife.com) modules with Rada who spent more then 20 years with her beloved master Osho. I got initiated in meditation technics which allowed me to connect with my own sensitivity and sensibility. I realized with Rada that I was finally ready to surrender my life to...well something else then my own ego. I explored Osho more and more guided by Rada or by listening to his speeches and practicing his active meditations (Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, Mahamudra, Nataraj, No Dimensions). I felt in love with him so much I became a sanyasi and changed my name. My name, Deva Satto, was picked by Rada and it means Devine Reality in sanskrit.

I became a Yin Yoga Certified teacher as I started to get injured after intense triathlon trainings and wanted to understand the physical pain and it's causes.

I went meeting Satyathi Peloquin, Osho's personal physiotherapist, and studied the Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) therapy and mastered the art of working deeply in the body with skill and sensitivity. I became a MER Therapist enchanted by the capacity of deep bodywork to alleviate acute and chronic pain in the body and head. I learned how to activate the body's natural ability for self regulation and healing with Myofascial unwinding and Trauma Healing. I discovered a new awareness of dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that laid the foundations for my pain.

Somewhere along my journey from a General Manager to a Spiritual Lover through the dank hells of despair I rediscovered the joy of being alive and the beautiful life I came here to live. Today, I am 38 and I live in Bucharest. I still work for a big corporation but I do it in a more mindful way, bringing my awareness and love in every human interaction. I realized I don't need to live isolated in a mountain to be able to meditate and live mindfully. I can live and enjoy myself everywhere. I don't need external factors to be happy. It's all in me. It's all there. After more then 15 years within corporate world I have seen so many people who need to learn to relax. To breath. To just be. There is so much pressure from the system people are forgetting who they really are.

I am teaching classes of Yin Yoga and offer Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork therapy.
I am developing a program that incorporates Osho active meditations, Tantra technics, Yin Yoga practice and MER therapy. My classes are focused on breathing and interconnection between mind, body and spirit, allowing my students to work at their own pace in a safe and transformative environment.

Registration: deva.satto@icloud.com 
Limited numbers so please confirm your reservation upfront. 
Start Date: May 30th, Tuesday 
Duration: 2h:30 Time: 19:00 to 21:30 
Your investment: 
- 350 RON that gives you access to the full program of 4 Sunday's and a 40min body work session of myofascial energetic release massage. 
- 100 RON drop in class but only based on available seats so please drop me an e-mail as soon as you know you want to come. No guarantee.

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