Emotional Health, as a support to Presence with Carlos

Emotional Health, as a support to Presence with Carlos

We would like to invite you to an evening with silence, conversation and presence this Friday, with Carlos at Hermitage. The event is called ‘Emotional Health’, or the understanding of how our emotional life can be a support, or a hindrance, to Presence.

There will be a short meditation, and introduction to the subject, and a time for questions and answers. 

No reservation is necessary.

The entrance is free. Donations are welcome. All donations will be used for the publication of my upcoming book: About Presence – A Journey into Ourselves.


Q. But it seems to me there are circumstances that simply induce one to have negative emotions!

A. This is one of the worst illusions we have. We think that negative emotions are produced by circumstances, whereas all negative emotions are in us, inside us. This is a very important point. We always think our negative emotions are produced by the fault of other people or by the fault of circumstances. We always think that. Our negative emotions are in ourselves and are produced by ourselves. There is absolutely not a single unavoidable reason why somebody else's action or some circumstance should produce a negative emotion in me. It is only my weakness. No negative emotion can be produced by external causes if we do not want it. We have negative emotions because we permit them, justify them, explain them by external causes, and in this way we do not struggle with them.

   -   P. Ouspensky 

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