Shamanic Alchemy with Joanne Richardson

Shamanic Alchemy with Joanne Richardson

Shamanic Alchemy 
A talk & guided trance meditation with Joanne Richardson 
(Please note that the talk will be in English)

Where: Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub, 127 Mihai Eminescu St, Bucharest
When: April 9, starting at 18:00
Entrance: 20 RON

Being a shaman isn't a sign of prestige or a shorthand for mysterious powers available only to a chosen few. The original word "šamán" means one who is lifted up in ecstatic trance to receive the gift of gnosis - a direct, intuitive knowing or download of cosmic intelligence. The essence of shamanic technologies (like trance dance, drumming, breathwork, the use of entheogens) is dreaming awake or entering a hypnogogic state that connects the third eye and the heart center. Many archaic traditions considered the union between the third eye and the heart to be the key to living an enlightened life. In our modern culture, this wisdom has been lost, and it’s the instrumental mind, with its calculating, discriminating, and judgmental forms of reasoning, that dominates the prism through which we experience the world. This imbalance is responsible for a lot of our inner conflicts, outer forms of strife, and general resistance to the flow of life. 

The talk will focus on some of the important elements that are common to indigenous shamanic traditions and European esoteric schools:

? Dreaming awake or the ability to enter trance states and the knowledge of how to navigate between different planes of existence,
? Using altered states of consciousness for inner alchemy (transmuting exiled sub-personalities and shadows to attain inner mastery),
? Divination of higher wisdom and channeling energy for healing - which require becoming an empty vessel or a hollow bone, in order to allow something greater than the individual “I” to flow through the self, 
? The social and ethical function of healing collective wounds and of uniting the tribe. 

Shamanic abilities are not special - everyone possesses them in seed form and can learn to cultivate them through specific practices and techniques. The presentation will introduce practices of shamanic alchemy that I’ve been teaching in workshops and offer a guided demonstration of how to enter into a trance meditation.

Joanne Richardson is a philosopher and activist, and has been trained in Jungian psychology, Reichian bodywork, hypnosis, theta healing and Amazonian plant shamanism. She was born in Bucharest, grew up in New York and has been living in Berlin for the past 7 years, where she is teaching shamanic workshops and holding ceremonies with medicine plants.


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