Yoga Practice: Seeking More than Asanas

Yoga Practice: Seeking More than Asanas

Livia’s style brings together the precision of the postures, a mindful attention and inner balance. Each class is uniquely designed, and will help you improve your flexibility, muscle joint mobility, gain strength, stability, alignment and internal wellness.

The classes are taught in the Hatha Yoga tradition with a strong emphasis on healthy alignment and observance of breath as means to health and peace of mind. Livia brings her own dedicated study, unique blend of experience, strong focus, and her personality to the class.


Event presentation

“The practices of yoga are derived from observing our breathing. Our mind affects our breathing and our breathing affects our mind. As your awareness becomes more refined, it can guide you in all areas of your life.“

In this intensive we will begin by exploring the twisting tecniques, but also the true meaning of asana as a preparation for meditation. We’ll have the opportunity to observe alignment, coordination and proprioception. We’ll place our attention on breathing, in a breath-centered practice, to turn inward, quieting the mind and cultivating the qualities of calm and introspection.

The event is an experiential introductory practice to create freedom and spaciousness within, penetrate deep into the body’s core, while encouraging the breath to grow deep and full. We try to raise awareness and open your mind, strengthen listening and attention, access to a more subtle perception, at a deeper level of meaning.

There will be also a sitting together, satsang, followed by a question-answer session and a relaxation practice, guided by Livia Constantin, RYT500, yoga teacher with more than 15 years of personal study and teaching practice.

The take-home message may be: Enjoy the after effects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of clarity, vitality, and ease once you’ve emerged from your favorite twist. Get really curious.


The event is open to all those willing to practice yoga, regardless of knowledge or practice.

Donation: 100 ron

We look forward to practicing with you soon. See you on the mats!

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